[June 2016 - Sale of SiOx unit for silicone rubber extraction]

SiOx announces that a P 35 machine with a reactor size 200 liter has been sold to an undisclosed customer and major player in the silicone rubber field. CO2 extraction of silicone rubber allows production of silicone rubber articles such as baby pacifiers or technical articles of unprecedented purity. The levels of extractable, low molecular weight silicone oils are reduced far more than by traditional high-temperature treatment or tempering. In addition, the SiOx process is about ten times more energy-efficient, five times faster, and no volatile silicone oils are emitted to the environment.

[April 2016: SiOx moves to new premises]

SiOx Machines AB is moving to a new office in Täby, Sweden. The postal and visiting adress is now Hörnåkersvägen 12, SE-183 65 Täby. All email-adresses and telephone numbers are unchanged.

[September 2015 - New release of GMP software]

SiOx announces that an improved version of the GMP software for SiCure machines is available. The SiOx SiCure process for extraction of silicone oil residues from medical silicone articles is ideally combined with a software which documents all details in medical-grade manufacturing according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations. The new software is more user-friendly and has been successfully implemented at a customer site.

[January 2015 - CO2 foaming of plastics]

SiOx Machines has installed a SiOx P35 machine in the US. The machine is used for impregnation of CO2 into plastics for later production of foamed plastic articles such as bicycle helmets. CO2 impregnation means that liquid CO2 is dissolved within plastic pellets. The CO2-loaded pellets can be stored for hours before they are transferred to a high temperature mould, for fabrication of the final foamed article. The foaming process can be used for a range of plastics including PLA (poly lactic acid), silicone, special thermoplastics, e.g. atactic polypropylene and others including thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).



Latest products


[March 2016] SiOx launches SiOx SCADA and Validation Software 1.9

siox_scada_small.png With the latest Siox SCADA and process validation software 1.9 you can control, monitor and validate your processes in a whole new way. The intuitive and graphical user interface lets you overview, edit, validate and analyze your processes as never before. In version 1.9 the software also comes with a audit trail function where all changes are stored together with ID of operator. Our audit trail function complies with relevant chapters in 21 CFR part 11.
Click here to read more.



[April 2010] - SiOx proudly presents SiCure - the new alternative to heat and solvent cleaning of rubber

sicure_logo_small.jpg is a modern alternative to treatment of rubber items in ovens or in extraction processes. Conventional processes consume a lot of electricity or use toxic / explosive solvents in order to remove impurities in rubber material. Our method - SiCure - extracts silicone or extender oils using liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) in a cost efficient yet environmentally friendly way. SiOx SiCure machines can be installed and operated inside a clean room for processing products such as medical devices and implants. Click here to read more about SiOx SiCure

[January 2010] - New high-pressure CO2 R&D unit available

SiOx presents SiOx MINI, a 1,7 liter high-pressure R&D unit with sigh glasses for extraction, solubility, impregnation and cleaning experiments. Go to the product page and click on downloads or click here to access the data sheets.

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