LADOMA chooses SiOx's liquid CO2 technology


LADOMA, one of the largest European tanneries for sheep leather and fur, and SiOx announce their collaboration in the field of CO2 treatment of leather. LADOMA and SiOx personnel have successfully studied leather conservation, degreasing, tanning and dyeing. LADOMA employs two P-70 CO2 machines. The new technology saves process water and chemicals. In addition, the leather produced in CO2 is softer and of higher quality than conventionally produced leather, says JOAN COLOMER, technical director at LADOMA. CO2 leather treatment is part of LADOMA’s environmental strategy, and it is also a response to the increasing awareness of customers.


Joan Colomer is examining raw skins. Raw skins have been degreased and cleaned in SiOx liquid CO2 process.

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