Metal, Ceramics and solid parts


A multitude of cleaning and coating techniques are available in the field. Why should you consider CO2?

Because CO2 reaches and cleans the smallest pores, the goods are dry after treatment, the process is safe, economic, efficient and environmentally the best available technique!

A few examples illustrate the versatility of the CO2 process:

Metal recycling:

Cleaning of metal turnings, e.g. titanium, magnesium, stainless steel.

Industrial parts:

Cleaning of sintered metal parts, removal of binder. Cleaning of bearings, needles, valves, automotive and medical parts. Coating with corrosion protection or protective layers.

Process industry:

Cleaning of catalysts used in the oil and petrochemical industry.


Preparation of slurry (solids and binder) without water. Extraction of slurry in CO2, avoiding expensive spray- and freeze-drying.

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