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More and more potential applications emerge for liquid and supercritical CO2. We have experience with the following areas which may inspire you to consider the use of SiOx CO2 technology:

Extraction of flavours, aromas and the like from plants (ginger, rosmarin, flowers, garlic, fruits etc.) in liquid CO2 at 15 oC protects the thermolabile materials. The extraction is much more selective than traditional solvent extraction.

Nano- and micro particles are formed when material dissolved in an organic solvent meets liquid CO2 in high concentration. The morphology and structure of the particles can be steered. Such nano-particles are used in the plastics as well as in the pharma industry.

We have developed alternatives to vacuum-, freeze- and spray-drying. In our process, we remove water and subsequently process additives in one process. This avoids not only dust emissions. The whole process is significantly faster and more economic. Products such as enzymes, biopolymers, certain leather types, slurries etc can be treated with CO2.

In the manufacturing of electronic parts, CO2 can be used to remove photoresist, it can be used to coat surfaces, it can clean extremely small structures, it is an ideal pretreatment before applying plasma (PVD, CVD) or ALD.

In the field of microstructuring, we have coated parts (lab-on-a-chip and the like), polymerized the coating through a mask and removed the non-polymerised material with CO2. The products may have hydrophilic and hydrophobic areas.

Liquid CO2 emerges as reaction medium in the chemical industry. We can provide lab-scale and pilot plant units and can establish cooperations with leading university groups in the field of gas-expanded liquids, catalysis and multi-phase reactions.

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